Introducing the POD-In-A-Box
WE BRING EVERYTHING ELSE NEEDED to complete your Last Mile and PROOF-OF-DELIVERY mobility solution and make it operate the right way.  We know what it takes to give drivers the best experience with the mobile technology that they are required to use.
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POD-in-a-Box Bundles Pricing:

Rugged Samsung Tablet Bundle

  • $350.00 and $15.00 per month
  • Samsung Tablet with Rugged Case
  • T-Mobile 2 GB Data Plan
  • Mounting Dock with Integrated Charging
  • 1 Year of MDM Software**
  • Distracted Driving Fuction
  • Setup and Ready to Go
  • Mobility Management Service

*Excludes taxes, shipping, etc.  Pricing based on current promotions that may expire.

**MDM Software renews at $75.00 per year per unit



Rugged CAT-Phone Bundle

  • $300.00 and $30.00 per month
  • Fully Rugged CAT Phone
  • T-Mobile Unlimited Voice and Data Plan
  • Mounting Dock with Integrated Charging
  • 1 Year of MDM Software**
  • Distracted Driving Function
  • Setup and Ready to Go
  • Mobility Management Service

*Excludes taxes, shipping, etc.  Pricing based on current promotions that may expire.

**MDM Software renews at $75.00 per year per unit



Universal Mounting Options:

Tablet Mount

Cup Holder Universal Tablet Mount:  $56.00

It fits easily into truck cup holders and the one-piece base adjusts to expand to up to 3.5 inches in diameter. This heavy-duty mount holds large tablets with 7”-18.4” screen size.  The holder features a spring-loaded design that makes it easy to insert or remove the tablet by pushing down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand.

Phone Mount

Universal Cup Holder Phone and Midsize Tablet Mount:  $63.00

It fits easily into car or truck cup holders, with the mount’s one-piece base twisting to expand as wide to 3.5 inches in diameter.  It will hold phones and smaller tablets measuring up to 5 inches wide.


Seat Rail Universal Tablet Mount with 28” Gooseneck:  $50.00

The Slim-Grip universal tablet holder fits tablets 7 to 18.4 inches in screen size. The holder features a spring-loaded tension grip design that makes it easy to insert or remove the tablet by pushing down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand. Included with the holder are 10 support legs (4 short, 2 medium and 4 long versions).

You get what you pay for

About Universal Gear...

We do source universal mounting solutions, because sometimes people just have their heart set on it.  They do work, but not all of the time.  We HIGHLY recommend our POD-in-a-Box bundles where the case is made specifically for the tablet, the mount is made specifically for the case and the charger is fully integrated with both.  This provides maximum reliability.

***These are Available but Our Bundles are Recommended***

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These Components make up the BEST Driver Experience...

TMO Network

The Network: T-Mobile

The fastest growing wireless network is ready to power your Proof-of-Delivery applications and connect your drivers.  T-Mobile has the largest wireless network in the country and has invested more into that network than Verizon or AT&T.  This network keeps getting better and better and has lightning fast data speeds.

CAT s62

The Phone:  CAT S62

What comes to mind when you think the word Caterpillar?  Let me answer for you...RUGGED.  That's right, this phone is fully rugged, water proof, dust proof, drop proof, driver proof.  We've sourced many different rugged phones over the years but this one takes first place.

s62 mount

The Phone Mount: Proclip

Proclip makes the absolute most reliable mounting solutions for Last Mile delivery.  Your drivers are constantly plugging and unplugging their phones while wearing out the charging ports.  The Cat S62 mount has charging that bypasses the delicate charging port delivering maxumim reliability.

Samsung Tablet

The Tablet:  Samsung A7 Lite

The "flavor of the month" tablet from your wireless carrier rep won't cut it.  You need a tablet that is certified and supported by your POD provider, is widely deployed and widely available.  We highly recommend a data plan to provide optimal management and to run additional driver apps.


The Tablet Rugged Case: Proclip Tough Sleeve

Most people think that an Otterbox is the right case for their POD tablets.  When you have to keep the tablets mounted and charged, turns out it's not optimal.  You need a rugged case that has integrated charging.  The Tough Sleeve is hands down the best of the best delivering maximum longevity. 

mount and block

The Tablet Charger and Mount:  Proclip Sliding Power Block 

Truck stop tablet chargers are a recipe for disaster because they were meant to be manually plugged in.  The case and charger need to work together to ensure that your tablets are charged and can be mounted with a metal pedestal mount, not plastic junk.

mdm logo

The MDM Software:  SOTI MobiControl

Mobile Device Management software is absolutely critical.  Read that again.  MDM allows you to update applications, remotely install new ones and keep your drivers from using applications and websites they shouldn't be using.  SOTI is a premium MDM that offers you the ability to lock the screen of the tablets once the truck starts rolling.  Your safety manager and attorneys will love this feature as will the others on the road.

Staging Pic 2

Staging and Kitting:  Our In-House Team

Tablets don't just set themselves up and you can't just load the POD app and send the drivers out the door.  You need to set things up the right way.  That means tweak all the location, security and display settings so the tablet runs like it should.  Also, assembling all the cases, mounts and posts is a heck of a job that people don't realize what goes into it until all those boxes show up in their offices.  We make it easy because we've setup literally thousands. 

Katie Headshot-1

Ongoing Management:  Our In-House Team

Tablets and mobile applications don't manage themselves either.  Updates are going to need handled.  New applications are going to need to be deployed.  Somebody is going to break their tablet screen.  Somebody is going to lose a tablet or worse, stolen.  The bottom line is this:  Our team will take all of this off your plate and make your problems our problems to solve.  We know what we are doing when it comes to mobility management.

Our Motto:  YOUR Success is OUR Success
When you have the right GEAR, SETUP the right way and MANAGED the right way, it delivers to the driver the best experience with mobile technology they've ever had.  Since 2004, we've been sourcing, simplifying and supporting mobility gear that powers Proof-Of-Delivery systems.  We know what works and we know what doesn't.  All you have to do is trust that you are engaging a partner who will take care of things the right way. 
Watch this video for me to explain how we bring it all together for you...

What comes with the POD-in-a-Box?

  • Ruggedized Tablet or Ruggedized Smartphone - based on specific needs. 
  • Device Dock with Integrated Charging
    • Hardwired is the default
    • USB option available
  • Mobile Data Connectivity
    •  T-Mobile with 2 GB or Unlimited Voice/Data 
  • 1 Year of MDM (mobile device management) Software to Lock it Down and Manage Everything.
  • Distracted Driving Function to Keep Drivers Eyes on the Road.
  • Staged and Kitted so that it's all Setup and Ready to GO when it arrives at your door.
  • Driver Training Videos accessible right on the device for your drivers.
  • Onboarding and Ongoing Support.
  • Excludes Mounting Post and Backer Plate (Specific to Vehicle Year/Make/Model)

Free Devices with T-Mobile

Free Samsung A7 Lite with T-Mobile, when you order minimum of 25 devices with a $10/mo 2 GB data plan*

Free CAT S62 Rugged Phone with T-Mobile, when you order minimum of 25 devices with a $25/mo unlimted voice/data plan*

*Promotional Offer, Subjected to Expire

CAt and Samsung
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Mounting and Protection System Overview

ProClip:  The WORLD'S BEST in Mounting and Protection

The Tough Sleeve tablet and mounting system offers you the absolute best system available today.  Charging failures represent one of the most common points of failure with tablet-based POD systems.  The Tough Sleeve has a 99%+ success rating in this area.  Also, tablet drops lead to broken screens and the Tough Sleeve has a 6 foot drop rating.  Hardwire and USB/Cig plug powered options available.

Tough Sleeve Blown Up
Tough Sleeve 1

Easily Managed by the Driver


The CAT S62 Mount Overview

Your drivers are in and out of the cabs of those trucks tens, up to hundreds of times per day.  The POD application is constantly running, as is the turn-by-turn navigation.  What does this mean?  A battery draining situation.  But what if the battery dies in the middle of the route?  That's bad news because the driver has to wait until their phone battery is restored and that's precious time and money.  We have the perfect mount for your drivers that has a simple dock-and-charge configuration.  No plugging and unplugging constantly that will eventually destroy your phone's power port and your drivers day.  Simply insert, remove, deliver and repeat.

Sonim Mount
20200708-100191, 241606, 855404, cat, ford, s41, transit-03

MDM Software Overview

mdm logo
Soti 2

A Premium MDM for a Premium Experience

MDM (Mobile Device Management) Software allows you to fully lock down mobile devices providing control of not only the applications used, but the device itself.  You can choose what applications your drivers use and what applications you don't want them to use. 

You can also push new applications to your tablets without the need to manually install them on each tablet or bother the driver to assist you remotely. This prevents catastrophic failure whenever an update occurs, because with MDM software, the updates are controlled and rolled out when the timing is ideal.

It gives you the ability to remtote control devices, seeing what the driver sees and allowing you to assist them with tasks they do not know how to complete. Think of this as having an IT guy seeing exactly what the driver sees even though they are thousands of miles away.

Distracted Driving Functionality

Not only does SOTI lock down your devices and allow you to manage them remotely and remote control them, but also has a screen lock feature when driving to only allow certain applications to be up, like maps and hours of service. Standalone distracted driving applications are $60 per year.

Watch this Video to Understand MDM Software 

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